Love belongs to me like faith

Festschrift 2008 of the Diakonisches Werk of the EKD on the 200th anniversary of J.H. Wichern

Bread and wine, a test tube, an open book: ordinary, everyday objects, but on closer consideration things that are essential for body, mind and soul, and each in turn a symbol for the give and take of human interaction. The photographs of Diana Obinja make clear that if only the veil can be lifted even such trivial, everyday objects can be seen to offer life and hope. While showing what is obstructing the view, the veils and curtains of everyday existence are lifted with a surprisingly sure touch – opening up a view of the Book of Life. We only get to see a few pages here, but enough to be able to perceive that this book is about people and their love for their neighbours.

“Love belongs to me like faith”– this sentence of Wichern inspired Diana Obinja to cast light on the secret behind human encounters. And conversely to understand human encounters themselves as creations of the spirit of life, which through faith become love.

The photographs were taken in welfare institutions, home care visits for the elderly, in hospitals, and also in prisons and during work with the homeless. The subsequent digital image processing is for Diana Obinja not so much media art but rather the classic interplay of light and colour that characterises occidental art. The structure of the pictures, the colour palette, even the folds of the white towels is reminiscent of the art of the Old Masters, showing like these the constants of life or the light that lies in the encounters between people. They who look can see: The test tube with a cell sample from a human heart – a symbol of hope? The corridor in a prison – a ladder to heaven?

Social welfare is not always so romantic. But it is a little bit of heaven on earth.

I heard ...
the Book of Life...
(Revelation 20, 12)

I heard ...
... the bread of angels
(Psalm 78, 25)

Love belongs to me like faith
Work with offenders 1, one of seventy-six thousand five hundred

Love belongs to me like faith

Home care 11:00 h

Technique: Liquid sealed behind Plexiglas, 80 x 120 cm